What New Patients Can Expect from a Chiropractor

If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, you may be wondering what to expect on your first visit, as one of our new patients. Whether you’ve heard from friends that chiropractors have magical skills to make you feel better, or you’re tired of persistent pain and want to get it taken care of or you experienced an auto accident and need to get checked out, you’ve decided it’s time to make that first trip to the chiropractor.

Chiropractor giving adjustment1. Paperwork

The first thing you can expect, just like any doctor’s office, is paperwork. You’ll go over the various symptoms you are experiencing, along with whatever concerns you may have. That will help prepare the doctor for the physical examination. Of course, you chiropractor may want to know if you have a specific event that caused the injury, such as an auto accident or a personal injury. After this verbal phase of the exam, the doctor will perform the physical examination.

2. Physical Examination

New patients frequently want to know if there will be an x-ray. We have own in-house x-ray machine, but we only use it if we believe it is truly necessary to do so. We certainly don’t require all our patients to get an x-ray. After the examination, and x-ray if applicable, you and the doctor will discuss your condition. Additionally, they will talk out the best next steps to take to ensure you can regain your ideal physical condition and comfort.

3. Follow Up

After your finish the examination, as with other doctors, you may schedule a follow up, if you and the doctor believe it will be helpful.

One other item worth pointing out is that we do accept health insurance. There are many plans that include chiropractic care. If you happen to have a health insurance plan, you should bring it in so that we can apply it to your bill.

You can click this link to access the New Patient Form.