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How Often Should You See a Chiropractor?

If you would like to see a chiropractor, no matter the reason, it is important to know how often you will be visiting the chiropractor’s office. Mainly associated with treating neck and back pain, chiropractic adjustments can make a difference in helping patients. They can help rehabilitate patients after severe injuries and traumatic experiences. According to the American Chiropractic Association, 80% of people suffer from back pain each year. While it would be nice to think that one visit alone will be enough to fix all of your ailments, oftentimes this simply isn’t the case. In this blog post, we will discuss how often you should see a chiropractor.

Determine What Your Goal Is When You See a Chiropractor

Finding out how often you should see a chiropractor depends on your situation. Every patient is different when it comes to handling the neck and back pain they have. Chiropractors work individually with patients. And, they will offer a custom care plan that is tailored to the needs of patients.

If you are looking to have chiropractic adjustments to treat your neck and back pain, then you must first consult with your chiropractor for the best schedule. The chiropractor will often recommend two chiropractic sessions every two to three weeks for severe back pain. Patients who visit chiropractors for sprains, strains and muscle spasms may need one adjustment per week.

Woman who needs to see a chiropractor-2

For a schedule that involves preventative maintenance chiropractic adjustments, it will still depend on what your goals are. Preventative maintenance works for those who want to prevent pain from occurring. Preventative maintenance is just as it sounds, much like maintaining a moving part, like a vehicle engine or an appliance.

Chiropractic Treatment Plans

Part of a chiropractor’s job is to specifically design a treatment plan for a patient using either spinal manipulation or mobilization. They also may incorporate extremity joint manual therapies whenever necessary to reduce pain, restore motion, and prevent another occurrence. Other forms of treatment may be implemented by a chiropractor depending on your condition.

One of these forms of treatment includes the Graston Technique, a form of manual therapy also known as soft-tissue instrument-assisted mobilization. The goals of this technique are to reduce a patient’s pain and increase function. This is done by breaking down the scar tissue and fascia restrictions. These are often linked to some kind of trauma to the soft tissue. This technique also reduces restrictions by stretching the connective tissue, hence attempting to rearrange the structure of the targeted soft tissue.

In general terms, unless your condition worsens progressively during chiropractic care, a common treatment program is three times per week for two to four weeks, followed by a single re-evaluation. If the chiropractor notes that your condition has improved, adjusting the frequency of your treatment plan would be appropriate while self-help and home-based recommendations can be done.

Do Chiropractors Adjust on Your First Visit?

When you see a chiropractor for the first time, you can expect an adjustment or exam to occur. However, there is no need to worry. It is recommended that you get in contact with the chiropractor first before making a visit. Conduct an interview with the chiropractor and ask the appropriate questions concerning his practice, expertise and daily operations at the office.

Patient who decided to see a chiropractor

The first visit to the chiropractor involves three key steps. The first step is to fill out a form regarding your medical history. This form will include how and when the pain started. Additionally, it includes how it currently feels, where your body has the most pain and the circumstances that may make it worse. The second step involves a chiropractic exam, which thoroughly evaluates the state of your condition. They will test general pulse, blood pressure, respiration and reflexes.

The point of this exam is to assess your range of motion in the regions where you have pain. Depending on the results of this exam, they will take the third step. This step involves diagnostic studies that will examine the pathology of the muscles and tissues and identify anything out of the ordinary.

When all steps are taken, the chiropractor will explain your diagnosis. Then, they will explain the treatment plan, and the estimated period of time the treatment program will take. If your first visit to the chiropractor includes the start of your treatment, that session may last around 45 minutes. Though this first appointment will take considerable time, all follow-up appointments will be shorter, taking only 10 to 20 minutes.

When Should My Next Visit to the Chiropractor Be?

Regardless of what kind of adjustments chiropractors perform, the number of times you see a chiropractor will depend specifically on your case. For example, if you have acute lower back pain, you will need around six to 12 adjustments throughout the course of two to four weeks. Any pain you have will usually subside within the first four weeks of treatment. However, pain may still linger for up to 12 weeks. Since this pain is considered to be chronic, you might need six more adjustments within the two to four weeks plan.

Elderly woman seeing a chiropractor

Your chiropractor will determine your next appointment date. And, you will receive a schedule of how many adjustments you should get to achieve the desired benefits. They should conduct a re-evaluation every two to four weeks to determine how well the treatment is going. They should also see if they should increase or decrease the number of adjustments you receive each month.

Is It Possible to See a Chiropractor Too Much?

It technically isn’t possible to overdo any form of chiropractic treatment. Three times a week is generally the standard frequency for treating acute conditions. It heavily depends on why you are seeing a chiropractor to begin with. If you were in a car accident, or if you are experiencing a great amount of pain, you can receive treatment daily for an entire week if you prefer to do so. Some conditions may require this much treatment.

However, for longer periods of time, chiropractors will most likely not recommend heavy amounts of frequent treatment. Unless, of course, there is a clear clinical explanation for having it. At the end of the day, it is up to how you feel. It is important to listen to your body before and after you receive treatment. If you feel like your body isn’t improving after one course of treatment, then consider re-evaluating your treatment plan. Also, be sure to share how you feel with your chiropractor.

Why So Many Visits to the Chiropractor?

There is a good reason why patients have to visit chiropractors multiple times within the span of a few weeks. Unknowingly people tend to cause more damage to their bodies by waiting too long before they start receiving chiropractic adjustments. The more damage a person suffers, the longer amount of time it will take for that person to recover.

If your line of work also calls for you to receive regularly scheduled chiropractic adjustments, then you should plan accordingly. For the most basic pains that you suffer from, you generally need around two to four weeks to heal. However, there is no limit to the amount of preventative maintenance adjustments you can receive as that is completely up to you.

Advice on Avoiding Future Problems

Handy man who needs to see a chiropractor-2

While having conversations with your chiropractor, they will offer some tips on what you can do to avoid experiencing similar issues with neck and back pain in the future. One recommendation from the chiropractor will most likely be a home exercise program. Exercises and stretches that are specific to a patient’s case often begin early in the treatment plan. This is usually within the first three visits. According to multiple studies, spinal manipulation along with exercise often produces the best outcomes.

Another good tip from by a chiropractor is the use of ergonomics. Various back supports, belts, or pillows provide the spine with more support, depending on your case, thanks to their design. Along with these devices, a chiropractor may give you instructions on how to bend, lift, pull and push in ways that are ergonomically correct.

Other Tips For Avoiding Issues

Your chiropractor can evaluate your sitting posture and standing posture, which will allow them to better assess your condition. Using a foam roller to perform stretches and massages, and exercising with elastic bands can be methods to apply when trying to improve posture.

Orthotics focuses on the stability of your feet and will detect any postural imbalances. Using specialized shoe insoles and/or a heel lift can help combat the uncomfortable imbalances your feet may have. Mechanical problems in the feet can lead to strain on the lower back over time. If you develop foot problems such as plantar fascitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome (foot nerve pain or numbness) or bunions you should see a chiropractor.

Contact Us to See a Chiropractor in Pensacola

Whether you have never seen a chiropractor before or you haven’t seen a chiropractor in a long time, you can contact our office if you are interested in scheduling chiropractic appointments. Having more than 20 years of experience treating patients, Dr. Derek Finger will offer the best tips and advice that you need to treat your condition. Whatever the cause may be for your neck or back pain, Dr. Finger will provide a proper evaluation and will help you rehabilitate through chiropractic adjustments.

Is It Safe to Go to the Chiropractor When You’re Pregnant?

Pregnancy changes a woman’s body in so many ways—growing a human is hard work! Unfortunately, sometimes a baby’s growth adversely affects her mother’s body. Fortunately, many women have reported seeing benefits from visiting a chiropractor during pregnancy. Seeing a chiropractor is generally believed to be safe when you’re pregnant. Keep reading to learn what’s important when visiting the chiropractor during pregnancy. 

Misalignments During Pregnancy

Joint, back, and hip pains are natural pregnancy ailments, especially in the later stages when the baby’s bump is at its largest size. In the third trimester, a pregnant woman’s body produces relaxin and progesterone—the hormones that loosen and relax joints—at a rampant rate.  

Regarding chiropractic care, the most frequently reported pregnancy discomforts include back pain from a heavy, protruding abdomen from weak abdominal muscles and a curved spine. Our office often gets calls about shoulder, knee, elbow, and pelvic pain as well. Additionally,  many pregnant patients consult a chiropractor when pregnant for intrauterine constraints. This is when there is less room for the baby from a misaligned pelvis.

Relaxin and progesterone prepare a woman’s body for birth by easing the joint connections in her hips and pelvis. However, these hormones may affect and misalign other bodily joints as well. Luckily, some women can relieve some of these symptoms with chiropractic therapy. 

How a Chiropractor Help When You’re Pregnant

Pregnant woman with back painThe good news is there are no known contraindications to chiropractic care for pregnant women. There is no reason a healthy pregnant woman without complications should forego chiropractic treatment.

If you are pregnant or know someone pregnant, you may be able to alleviate some of the aches, pains, and muscle tightness with realignment therapy. Many pregnant women have happily reported chiropractic care has improved their health by relieving discomfort. A chiropractor can alleviate pain in areas such as the neck, shoulders, arms, back, and hips. This can help create an overall more enjoyable pregnancy. Additionally, it can help eliminate nausea and intrauterine constraint.

Chiropractic care has also been reputed to improve the labor and birthing experience by creating more room for babies experiencing intrauterine constraints. It can also help to reposition breeched babies at times and increase the likelihood of a safe vaginal birth. So, it can prevent cesarean deliveries. Additionally, it can reduce the time of labor and delivery.

Although these benefits sound amazing, it is always important to get your treatment cleared with your OBGYN before visiting the chiropractor. Your OBGYN knows best when it comes to seeking external care during your pregnancy. He or she keeps detailed notes and data about your pregnancy and can give you sound advice regarding what to expect with quality prenatal chiropractic therapy.

When Chiropractic Care is Not Safe During PregnancyChiropractor when pregnant

Sadly, not all pregnant women can participate in chiropractic care. In fact, chiropractic care can be dangerous for both the mother and baby in some instances. For example, an ectopic pregnancy, which is when a fertilized egg grows outside of the uterus, most commonly in a fallopian tube, can be even more dangerous during chiropractic care. Another condition that makes chiropractic care unsafe is preeclampsia, a condition resulting in high blood pressure, edema, liver and kidney damage. The same goes for placenta previa, which is when the placenta covers the cervix, and placental abruption, which is when the placenta detaches from the uterine wall before birth.

Don’t be discouraged if you’ve experienced some level of complication during your pregnancy. It never hurts to bring up chiropractic care to your OBGYN if you suffer from ongoing pain and misalignment.

Do This Before Going to the Chiropractor

As you read earlier, there are legitimate reasons why a pregnant woman should and should not engage in spinal realignments and joint adjustments. If you are cleared for realignment therapy, make sure you bring your prenatal records to your chiropractor. Granting them access to your prenatal information will allow them to make an informed decision about your treatment plan. One more thing—before you begin care, it’s essential to know how to identify an expert prenatal chiropractor.

What to Look for in a Chiropractor When You’re Pregnant

Pregnant woman in need of chiropractic care

All chiropractors are licensed to treat pregnant women, but not all have experience treating pregnant women. Before you begin your therapy, find a chiropractor who specializes in prenatal care. Ensure the chiropractor you go to has the extensive prenatal experience, as well as positive patient reviews. You can also check for specific accreditations. Many chiropractors work to achieve additional certifications so they can provide excellent care for pregnant women.

Once you have reviewed your chiropractor’s credentials and reviews, it’s time to begin therapy. At the office, expect the doctor to review prenatal information with you. They should cover your treatment plan and how they will treat you to prevent complications with your pregnancy.


To conclude, it is generally safe to go to a chiropractor when you’re pregnant. Chiropractic care has a variety of benefits to relieve a pregnant woman from many aches and pains. As with any external treatment, consult your OBGYN prior to care.

If you are in Pensacola and would like to see a chiropractor when you’re pregnant, contact our office! Our team is here to help you feel better during pregnancy.

Auto Injury Chiropractor FAQs

After experiencing a car accident, you may suffer from an injury that requires special attention. No matter how severe the damage is, it is recommended that you seek chiropractic treatment. However, you may have some questions to ask your local auto injury chiropractor if you are unsure about the chiropractic process. Solutions to treat your condition will vary, but it’s your decision to make on what kind of treatment is best for you. The following are frequently asked questions that auto injury chiropractors typically receive.

What level of education do chiropractors have?

Chiropractors serve as doctors and primary-contact health care providers. They have been through a rigorous education curriculum that is approved by the Council on Chiropractic Education and accredited by the U.S. Department of Education.

The diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the muscles, ligaments, and joints of the spine and extremities, including the connecting nerves, is a primary focus in the chiropractic courses of study. Chiropractors typically obtain four years of pre-medical undergraduate college education experience before they attend chiropractic school. Courses such as biology, chemistry, physics, and psychology are all part of chiropractic school.

An auto injury chiropractor will typically study for as much as five years at a chiropractic college. They all get an education in specialties such as orthopedics, physiology, anatomy, neurology, clinical diagnosis, and diagnostic imaging.

Are adjustments safe?

Injured woman from auto accidentIt is crucial to keep in mind that chiropractic care is a type of therapy that is non-invasive and drug-free. No medical treatment of any kind is entirely risk-free. However, chiropractic options have a proven track record of being safe and only present minimal risk to you, the patient. Mild stiffness or soreness after an adjustment is common amongst patients, but this condition will generally cease within 24 hours.

Cervical manipulation, or a neck adjustment, treats neck pain and headaches. The goal of this procedure is to improve joint mobility and range of motion in the neck. These kinds of techniques assist in alleviating pressure and tension.

I’ve seen my medical doctor at the hospital, so why should I see a chiropractor?

If your injury is from an auto accident, you should get an evaluation by a doctor who focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of such injuries. A hospital’s Emergency Room is available to ensure that there is no life-threatening problem. You usually don’t receive treatment in an ER for any damaged biomechanical and soft tissue problems, which can result in future disability and pain.

Medical doctors typically prescribe pain pills and other anti-inflammatory drugs that only serve as a temporary band-aid for the problem. Chiropractors are doctors that understand the soft tissue healing process. Additionally, they know that the process does not involve the consumption of any drugs.

Do chiropractors take X-Rays?

Female with auto injury

Chiropractors that are willing to take x-rays before they give you a chiropractic adjustment are chiropractors you can trust. X-rays assist in ruling out fractures while also determining the health of the joints and discs. X-rays also provide an estimate on the length of time it will take for you to recover. In addition, it estimates which chiropractic techniques will give you the best chance of recovery.

An auto injury chiropractor who is unwilling to take x-rays and will instead go right into an adjustment is not conducting enough research concerning your injury or pain condition. Though not taking x-rays saves money and time, you may not receive the proper treatment you need to recover completely. For example, if you suffered a fracture and don’t know about it, your injury could become worse after having a chiropractic adjustment. It is always best that you ask chiropractors to take x-rays before they perform any adjustments.

What are common auto injury chiropractic techniques?

Auto injury chiropractors can use several different techniques for adjusting their patients. However, in some cases, your chiropractor may only be proficient in one particular technique. The main drawback to this type of chiropractor is that one approach may not be sufficient enough to treat the condition that you have.

Auto injury chiropractor

As a patient, find out how much experience your chiropractor has in performing multiple techniques. If the auto injury chiropractor performs more than one technique, they will provide the right treatment for your needs.

There are many different chiropractic techniques that can be performed to treat auto injuries. There is a defined list of commonly used methods, according to the Job Analysis of Chiropractic. The most frequently used technique on this list is the Diversified Technique, which involves a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust that leads to the cavitation of a joint. These thrusts are quick and shallow and cause the popping noise that often comes with a standard chiropractic adjustment.

A variation of the Diversified Technique is the Thompson Technique, which uses several segments called dropped pieces. This technique can move up a fraction of an inch. So, when the chiropractor applies pressure, the special table will drop this fraction. The thrust is aided by the drop pieces, while the required force for the adjustment is minimized.

A lesser-known technique is the Pierce-Stillwagon Technique, which uses a drop table for prone pelvic adjusting or adjusting in the cervical region. Chiropractors use x-rays and thermography to decide which spinal levels need adjustments.

If I need treatment for an auto injury, am I responsible for payment?

In most cases, you are not responsible. Only on rare occasions do you have to pay for chiropractic treatment. In most cases, chiropractors will wait until you settle your case with an attorney, providing care with no strings attached. Some insurance policies have what is referred to as Med Pay. This will pay the full amount of medical bills up to a certain limit.

Who should I see first? My attorney? Or my auto injury chiropractor?Auto injury chiropractor patient

It is essential to use common sense when you decide whether or not you should receive chiropractic care. If your attorney recommends that you see a chiropractor first, he or she is generally not wrong in making that suggestion. Although, it does raise questions of what is the relationship between your attorney and that chiropractor.

Your first concern should always be your health. When you conduct research for a list of potential chiropractors, the results of your findings will give you the information you need to decide if chiropractic care is right for you. Particularly if the chiropractor your attorney sent you to does not act professional, then you have reason to fire your attorney. Depending on the extent of your injury, the information you find on what you need to do before bringing your case into court is key if you decide to hire an attorney.

Additional Questions About Auto Injury Chiropractors

 If you have any additional questions to ask regarding chiropractic care, feel free to contact us! If you have suffered an injury from an auto accident and you are seeking a chiropractor in the Pensacola area, Dr. Derek Finger can assist you in getting back on the road to recovery. Having more than 20 years of experience in treating patients with chiropractic care, Dr. Finger is a licensed chiropractic physician who provides the level of care needed for patients in their healing process.

Personal Injury Chiropractor FAQs

Whether you were recently in an accident or experience ongoing pain, chiropractic therapy is a safe, affordable treatment option that can help you heal fast without medicine or surgery. Although this treatment option is popular, many people have questions about it. We have put together our most common questions from patients. Take a look at our frequently asked questions to learn if treatment from our personal injury chiropractor is right for you.

What is a Personal Injury Chiropractor?

Chiropractic medicine concerns the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system. A personal injury chiropractic specializes in manual treatments, adjustments, and manipulations to treat and alleviate auto and work-related accidents.

The main objective of an auto injury chiropractor is to restore normal function and balance in the joints and muscles. Chiropractic treatments can shorten recovery time by reducing stress on your bones, joints, and muscles.

Is Chiropractic Therapy Safe?

Personal injury chiropractors use manual bone and joint manipulation to reduce stress and promote healing on your bones, joints, muscles, and nerves. Chiropractic care is a holistic treatment option for people with head, neck, and spine ailments. It is a proven, safe therapy for pain and discomfort in your joints and extremities. 

Why Should I See a Personal Injury Chiropractor?

Personal injury chiropractic treatment may be right for you if you have recurring pain in your head, neck, spine, or elsewhere. Additionally, it’s an excellent option for drug-free treatment. Personal injury chiropractors can also help document your personal injury for a lawsuit. At the end of the day, there are numerous reasons to visit a personal injury chiropractor.

What Qualifies as Personal Injury?Personal injury warehouse worker

Personal injury involves any immediate or ongoing bodily pain, which usually manifests with discomfort, spasms, inflammation, and stiffness. Common personal injuries that require chiropractic intervention include pain in the head, neck, shoulder, spine, chest, legs, and feet.


One of the most common injuries of the head is a concussion. However, a chiropractor can’t do much to treat trauma. This is due to the fact that a concussion is a bruise; the bruise needs time to heal. However, a concussion is a personal injury from a legal perspective.

In addition to concussions, chronic headaches and migraines can be personal injuries as well. Thankfully, a personal injury chiropractor can treat them. Many times, headaches and migraines due to trauma are because of bones or tendons resting on nerves. A chiropractor can help you heal from these annoying and painful conditions.


Personal injury chiropractors are highly effective when it comes to personal neck injuries. These include whiplash, immobility, and disc misalignment. Fortunately, these are all conditions a chiropractor can assist with and help prevent long-term effects.


Sometimes, the shoulders are the subject to trauma after a personal injury. Some personal injuries are rotator cuff tears, tendonitis, and muscle tissue damage. From a chiropractic care perspective, they can help with tears and muscle tissue damage. By moving bones and joints away from the area with the injury, they can prevent further damage and pain.


The most common area of focus for chiropractors is the spine. Additionally, this is one of the most common places where injuries occur after accidents. Some of these common injuries are herniated discs, ruptured discs, joint damage, and nerve damage. A personal injury chiropractor can help you with each of these conditions.


If you have bruising or trouble breathing, you likely have a personal injury. From a legal perspective, you may be able to get compensation. Unfortunately, a personal injury chiropractor cannot help you with these issues.

Personal injury in snow

Legs, Knees, Feet

Some less common injuries with personal injuries are around the legs, knees, and feet. These include ligament damage and tears, ligament sprains, joint damage, and dislocated joints. In addition to these are muscle tears and fractures. Please note, chiropractic therapy cannot heal broken bones or fractures; it can heal and adjust muscles around the bone once it’s healed.

When Should I See a Chiropractor for Personal Injury?

Most people see a chiropractor after being in a car accident. This is to take precautions and avoid any permanent pain. You should see a chiropractor if you experience immediate or ongoing pain, aches, or discomfort in your head, neck, shoulders, chest, spine, or legs.

To prevent short term injuries from becoming long term issues, you should see a chiropractor immediately following an accident. We recommended receiving a consultation within three days of an accident. Injuries can surface weeks, months, or even years later after an accident from unnoticed injuries, like hairline fractures. Your chiropractor can devise an effective plan of action to minimize, relieve, and heal your pain.

Is a Personal Injury Chiropractor Right For Me?

Chiropractic treatment is a gentle, non-invasive therapy for pain and discomfort. When you visit a chiropractic office, rest assured you are visiting a team of licensed professionals whose only goal is to reduce and treat your pain without the need for drugs or surgery. By pairing their knowledge of human anatomy with manual adjustment techniques, your chiropractor can alleviate pain and shorten recovery time.

Back pain

However, not all chiropractors are the same. Each doctor has their own methods for evaluating accident-related injuries and treatments. It’s normal to get a second opinion for your chiropractic consultations. So, if you receive an evaluation that makes you uncomfortable or your current chiropractor does not offer alternative treatment solutions, we recommend you find a chiropractor that better aligns with your needs. 

Can a Personal Injury Chiropractor Prove My Injuries?

Many new patients want to know if their chiropractor can aid their insurance claims by validating their injuries. Chiropractic treatment can support your personal injury insurance claim by:

  • Verifying new, worsened, or pre-existing injuries
  • Increasing the value of your settlement
  • Working with your insurance settlement adjuster

Your chiropractor can identify your injuries during your first consultation with a physical evaluation and X-ray. The most common injuries of car and work-related accidents are:

  • Concussions
  • Broken bones
  • Whiplash
  • Back and chest pain
  • Sciatica
  • Joint sprains

To make your insurance claim as strong as possible, be sure to receive a chiropractic evaluation as soon as possible after an accident.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Chiropractor Cost?

Chiropractic care is considerably more affordable compared to drug therapy, physical therapy, and surgery. Many chiropractors offer free comprehensive consultations to ensure you find a doctor that’s right for you. Your chiropractor can answer any questions regarding your accident, injuries, insurance, and treatment options. 

The cost of your chiropractic care will vary depending on your insurance and settlement rewards. Your chiropractor can also help you identify services covered by insurance. You can ask your chiropractor to work with your injury attorney on a lien basis so you won’t be held responsible for paying any bills.

Construction personal injury

There’s no need to worry if you have an outstanding balance after insurance adjustments. Many chiropractic practices have flexible repayment options for patients of all income levels. 

How Long is Chiropractic Treatment For An Injury?

Your length and frequency of chiropractic care will vary depending on the location, severity, and number of your injuries. Your injury chiropractor will give you an estimate for how long your body will need to heal. The goal for your first 30 days of care is to experience a 50% reduction in pain. Additionally, every time you report a 50% decrease in pain, your chiropractic treatment sessions will be cut in half.

Here is a quick guide for injury type and length of care:

  • Minor muscle strains often heal within weeks. 
  • Muscle tears that require surgery will take a few months to heal. 
  • Non-surgical bone injuries heal within six to eight weeks.
  • Surgically repaired bones require three to four months to heal completely.
  • Injuries with disc and cartilage damage take at least three months to heal.

What Should I Expect From Personal Injury Chiropractic Treatment?

Your first visit with your chiropractor should be a straightforward consultation with an exam and, if necessary, X-rays. Your chiropractor will collect information regarding your accident and medical history to assess the severity of your injuries.

The personal injury chiropractor will want to learn about the location and duration of your pain and injury. So, during your first visit, your chiropractor will go over a specialized treatment plan based on their assessment of your injuries. Additionally, your chiropractor will include the length, cost, and adjustments particular to your case.

What Do I Need To Do Before Going to a Personal Injury Chiropractor?

Know Your Insurance

Personal injury chiropractor-2-2

Do not accept treatment that is ineligible for the coverage your doctor deems necessary. Confirm in writing any coverage you have for chiropractic treatment.

See Your Doctor ASAP

Your doctor can help determine if out-of-coverage treatment is necessary. So, get a physical exam and collect all documentation about pre-existing injuries that may have worsened from the injury. Also, be sure to ask for a referral to a chiropractor; a doctor’s referral will add authority and urgency to your injury claim.

Gather Your Documentation

Bring all medical documents regarding your injuries so your chiropractor can help you with your treatment and settlements as efficiently as possible.

Work Within Your State’s Statute of Limitations

Being proactive will strengthen your case by demonstrating the severity of your damages and your urgency to remedy them. Contact your insurance, doctor, and chiropractor as soon as possible, even if your injuries are not felt or seen right away.

How Can I Document My Injury with a Personal Injury Chiropractor?

Fortunately, chiropractic treatment can reinforce your settlement cases. A diligent chiropractor can help prove the verity of your injuries with:

Medical Assessments

A chiropractor can prove your injuries from an accident using their reports of the location and severity of your injuries. These reports include photos, diagrams, and X-rays. Specifically, they can diagnose your injury to help you make your case.

Treatment Records

To show your injury is real and ongoing, a chiropractor can document the actions taken to ease your pain and suffering. Appointment follow-up notes can also serve as a benchmark for your recovery timeline. So, their treatment records can be very resourceful when proving a personal injury.

Personal injury slipBilling Records

To show your treatments were necessary and reasonable, a reputable chiropractor can provide treatment descriptions, dates, billing codes, and charges. So, this is yet another benefit of working with a chiropractor. It can be very helpful to prove you have sought out treatment.

You can also prove the at-fault party’s liability by pairing your chiropractor’s reports with documentation from your primary care doctor. Some examples of proving new or worsened injuries include managing paid with prescription medication. Additionally, they can prove injuries when you need a specialist for alternative therapy for your injuries.

How Do I Find a Personal Injury Chiropractor?

Finding the right chiropractor should be a quick and easy process. But, the best way to find a good chiropractor is to call the office and speak with the doctor. Fortunately, a short phone call conversation gives you the opportunity to feel out the chiropractor’s personality and his or her general practice preferences. On the other hand, you can schedule a consultation with the chiropractor to get an even better idea of their services.

Here is a list of questions we encourage you to ask your prospective chiropractor:

  • What should I expect during my consultation? A reliable chiropractor will provide you with a thorough physical examination, including a review of findings and an explanation of your treatment options.
  • How long have you been in practice? Asking this question allows you to assess their general confidence and skill level. Additionally, it can test their honesty and reliability.
  • What should I expect during my first session? An experienced chiropractor can help relieve some anxiety if you’ve never been adjusted before. Also, if you are nervous about being adjusted, they can help you relax. 
  • Can you help me prove my injuries? Your chiropractor should be able to give you a list of practices and documents. So, that way they can aid your personal injury case. 

Ensure you voice all of your concerns to the chiropractor and don’t hesitate to ask him or her any questions you have. A good chiropractor will spend time with you answering all of your questions, and they will cater your treatment and care to your concerns. So, don’t feel hesitant to ask them questions.


If you are interested in a free consultation or need help finding a chiropractor in your area, contact us today! We want to help relieve your pain and close your settlements as soon as possible!

Personal Injury Attorneys in Pensacola, Florida

In the event that you have experienced a physically debilitating car accident, one of the first things you will start thinking about is hiring an attorney. You can address the important question of “When should I hire a Personal Injury Attorney?” if you know where to look. There is a criterion in place for determining the right personal injury attorney for you. This criterion includes whether a law firm represents only plaintiffs and doesn’t defend insurance companies, the firm’s reviews and how much experience attorneys have in handling various personal injury claims. The following is a list of reputable personal injury attorneys and their firms in the Pensacola area.

Pensacola Personal Injury Attorneys

consultant lawyer concept1) Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon

Having an active law practice since 1913, Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon practices both Personal Law and Business Law. Several attorneys in this firm are certified by The Florida Bar as specialists in their respective fields via its board certification program. This firm accepts personal injury and wrongful death cases on a contingency basis. This means no fees or additional costs are necessary unless there is a settlement or trial. So, the people at Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon is a client-friendly firm that takes the time to get to know its clients. One of the attorneys in this firm you can hire is Warren R. Todd. A personal injury and wrongful death lawyer for over 25 years, Todd has the title of “Top Rated Lawyer” in the personal injury area of law practice.

2) Morgan & Morgan

This firm had humble beginnings where the founder hired the wrong lawyer to handle the case of his injured brother. So, he started their very own law firm to help others. Morgan & Morgan is a family-run law firm that has attorneys experienced in a wide variety of practices, including car accident cases. When it comes to personal injury cases, this firm has an outstanding track record. Over the course of many years, Morgan & Morgan has won clients over a combined total of $9 Billion.

One past client, a physical therapist, stated that this firm quickly returned calls and was thorough with the process. This client recommends Jonathan Minchin, who has been practicing law in Florida since 2009. Having a Juris Doctor degree, Minchin specializes in car accidents, personal injuries and wrongful death cases.

3) ZarZaur Law, P.A.

Having a superb Avvo rating of 10.0, Zarzaur Law, P.A. is a firm that will fight to right the wrongs of those who have suffered personal injuries. According to Avvo, 85% of Joe Zarzaur’s practice areas revolve around personal injury, wrongful death, and vehicle accident cases. In Escambia County, Zarzaur’s clients have received over $9.3 Million in jury verdicts. Joe founded his firm in 2007 and he has proceeded to attain honors such as membership to the National Board of Trial Advocates in 2011 and an AV rating from Martindale Hubbell in 2012.

One past client stated that his initial meeting with Zarzaur began with him explaining the intricacies of his specific car accident case. Zarzaur and his staff maintain professional standards and can expedite the process in case legal communications break down.

Personal injury law

4) The Watson Firm, PLLC

If you need responsible representation in your personal injury case, The Watson Firm, PLLC specializes in this very field. Serving as a Bar Member in many legal associations, including the United States Supreme Court, Aaron L. Watson established his firm in 2016 and has since won clients a combined total of over $22 Million.

Watson’s amazing legal work has earned him multiple accolades. These include being voted the Best Attorney by the Pensacola community at the 2020 Annual Best of the Coast Awards. Additionally, he received an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale Hubbell. No matter what kind of personal injury case you have, The Watson Firm will show you very clear and simple steps to take in solving your issues. This firm treats clients like family and will offer you a free initial consultation.

5) Staples, Ellis + Associates, P.A.

This firm was founded by Thomas Craft Staples in 1973, and with the help of Ed Ellis, this firm has offered a combined legal experience of over 55 years. This firm is known to handle lawsuits that are extremely large and complex in structure. You can also be assured that this firm will take on a wide variety of personal injury cases. For example, they may take on your bicycle, motorcycle and motor scooter accident cases.

While he handles medical malpractice cases, Thomas Craft Staples also handles personal injury cases. Staples has received an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale Hubbell. Additionally, he was is one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in the Florida Panhandle since 2015. This firm has won clients a combined $7.8 Million in verdicts and settlements of personal injury cases.

6) Levin Papantonio

Personal Injury ConceptSpecializing in personal injury cases since 1955, Levin Papantonio has won clients over $4 Billion in verdicts and settlements. If you decide to hire an attorney from this firm, they will clearly walk you through the process of a personal injury case. They will describe to you what you need to prove in your case. Additionally, they describe what they will do to maximize your claim.

The types of personal injury cases this firm handles include automobile accidents, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, medical devices, drug injuries and defective products. One attorney you can hire for personal injury cases is Rachel Gilmer. Gilmer currently manages the firm’s motor vehicle department. Additionally, she is on the Top 40 National Trial Lawyers Under 40 list and a Super Lawyer Rising Star.

Taking Action with Your Personal Injury

If you have suffered a personal injury and have a significant case to present, it is highly recommended that you contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. One fact about personal injury attorneys is that they specialize in what is known as tort law. Private, civil injuries or wrongs are covered in this area of practice. This can include defamation and breaches of contracts. The main objective of tort law is to make the affected party whole again and to discourage other parties from committing the same errors. So, if you seek compensation for your personal injury, it is important to take action immediately.

If you are dealing with a personal injury, and need physical treatment, our team can help you. Our personal injury chiropractor assists clients with their injuries. Additionally, we help patients prove their injuries in case they have to go to trial. So, contact our team today for help with your personal injury treatment.

Is a Personal Injury Chiropractor the Best Healing Option?

There is a great debate concerning the role of chiropractic care. Should it be a normalized, routine part of initial care? Should it be a primary treatment method for people who don’t recover with the help of other treatments? Depending on the physical condition of a patient, will that patient have a faster recovery with chiropractic care? There are always safety protocols being taken by professional chiropractors. When they have the right training and licenses, they can provide sufficient chiropractic care for those who can heal from treatable conditions. If you are unsure if seeing a personal injury chiropractor is the best healing option for you, then consider the following statistics.

Seeing a Personal Injury Chiropractor For Back and Spinal Cord Injuries

chiropractic adjustment After experiencing a car accident, back and spinal cord injuries can be some of the most problematic injuries to address. Low back pain in particular was put under the microscope in a 2018 study published in JAMA Network Open. Chiropractic treatment of low back pain was examined via 750 active-duty military personnel. Half of these patients received the usual care, including self-care, physical therapy and medications. The other half received the usual care as well as 12 maximum chiropractic treatments. After six weeks, those who received chiropractic treatment reported less pain intensity and a higher satisfaction with their treatment.

Ice or heat application is effective for minor back pain, along with pain relievers. Minor muscle strains often heal within weeks. Muscle tears that require surgery will typically involve therapy and a few months to heal. Surgically repaired bones in the area of the back require three to four months to heal completely.

For Sciatica

The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that extends from the lower back and goes down to the back of the legs. When one suffers from sciatic nerve pain, the intensity of the pain can vary as well as its frequency. Dull, achy, sharp and electric shock-like shooting leg pains best describe sciatic nerve pain. Nerve compression generally causes sciatica. One spinal disorder that leads to sciatica is lumbar spine subluxations, also called vertebral misalignment.

A treatment plan for sciatica may include multiple different treatments. Ice/cold therapy is a treatment that reduces inflammation. Ultrasound therapy is a treatment that increases circulation and reduces cramping, swelling and stiffness. Spinal adjustments can help reduce nerve irritability which causes inflammation, muscle spasms and other symptoms linked to sciatica.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a small portable muscle stimulating machine designed to reduce muscle spasms and control acute pain. Keep in mind that other disorders outside the scope of chiropractic care can also cause sciatica. In this case, it is preferable to contact another type of doctor for help.

For Head and Brain Injuries

neck adjustmentIt is common for drivers and passengers to suffer head and brain injuries by hitting the windshield, side window or other objects in the car following an accident. Many people get concussions from a blow to the head. Also referred to as a traumatic brain injury, a person’s brain bounces around inside the skull. But, symptoms of a concussion may not be immediately noticeable. Symptoms include headaches, migraines, nausea, dizziness and neck pain. It can take days or weeks before the symptoms become apparent.

Chiropractors commonly treat cervicogenic headaches and migraines. Neck pains usually cause cervicogenic headaches. On the other hand, migraines generally occur on only one side of the head.

Concerning mild concussions, symptoms normally diminish two to three weeks after onset. More severe concussion symptoms such as subdural hematoma (bleeding under the skull) require a visit to the hospital. Chiropractic care, specifically when spinal manipulation is applied, can improve headaches and migraines, according to research.

Personal Injury Chiropractic Care For Neck Injuries

Whiplash is one of the most common neck injuries to sustain after a car accident. Rear or side-impact crashes cause your neck to abruptly snap. Injuries can be minor such as mild neck strain, or they can be more severe such as vertebral dislocation. Over-the-counter pain relievers can treat mild neck strain, whereas vertebral dislocations require surgery. It can take several weeks to completely recover from whiplash symptoms, and a full recovery after surgery can take months.

Different therapies for treating neck pain were examined in a study reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine. 272 study participants were divided into three groups. One group received spinal manipulation from a chiropractor. Then, the second group was given over-the-counter pain relievers, narcotics and muscle relaxers. Lastly, the third group could only do at-home exercises. All patients reported a 75% pain reduction after 12 weeks. 57% of the chiropractic group experienced pain reduction. In comparison, 48% of the exercise group and 33% of the medication group experienced pain reduction. So, for neck injuries, chiropractic care is the best option for treatment.

Lower Extremity Injuries

rehabilitation physiotherapyA wide variety of lower extremity injuries can occur following a car accident. Without the protection of a seat belt, your legs may hit the dashboard or steering column. Leg, knee and foot sprains (ligament injuries), and damage to either muscles or tendons are common lower extremity injuries. According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, 13% of injuries sustained in 190 examined car accidents affected the lower limb.

For minor lower extremity injuries, over-the-counter pain relievers are best. However, a cast or other means of external support are best if you have a broken bone. The most severe bone breaks will require surgery. A broken leg may need six to eight weeks to properly heal. Chiropractors cannot help with broken bones, unfortunately. But, they can help with adjusting your muscles after your bone is healed.

The Safety of Chiropractic Adjustments

One major reason why patients prefer chiropractic care is because it is a completely drug-free option for therapy. Also known as spinal manipulation, a chiropractic adjustment is a procedure that involves the use of hands or small objects to apply a controlled force to an affected area of pain. The main objective of a chiropractic adjustment is to restore normal function and balance in the joints and muscles. Chiropractic treatments can reduce stress on the immune system, minimizing the potential of developing diseases.

There are potential risks and side effects associated with chiropractic adjustments. After an adjustment, if you experience headaches, fatigue or discomfort in parts of the body, then you may need to consider other options of treatment. But, chiropractic care is a very safe treatment option for people with spine issues.

Speak With a Personal Injury Chiropractor

If you decide that chiropractic care is the best healing option for you, please contact us! You can achieve your goal of healing from your injuries with the help of a professional personal injury chiropractor like Dr. Derek Finger. The certified staff at our Pensacola chiropractic office promises that you will receive the best treatment possible to recover from your injuries.

When to Know You Need an Auto Injury Chiropractor

Every year around 2 million drivers sustain permanent injuries from car accidents. Whether the accident is from a distracted or reckless driver, suffering an auto injury can be life-altering. Let alone, handling an auto accident is stressful. From collecting insurance information, contacting the police and filing a claim, it is easy to overlook your well-being if you aren’t bleeding or have a noticeable injury. If you have been in a car accident, don’t wait to get checked out for what seems like minor injuries or pains. They could lead to being a major issue later on. So, seek the help of an auto injury chiropractor.

Do you need to see a chiropractor?

Amid an auto accident, your adrenaline skyrockets and easily masks the pain of an internal injury. If you have been in an auto accident, the jarring results aren’t always noticeable until a few days, weeks, months or even years afterward. As a result, people mistake their discomfort and dismiss the appropriate medical attention.

Back injuryIt is critical to seek an auto injury chiropractor to prevent short-term injuries from becoming long-term, chronic pain. On a regular basis, seeing an auto injury chiropractor will work out the injuries sustained from the accident and aid your body in proper recovery.

Seeing an auto injury chiropractor after your accident will document your injuries for your medical records. In terms of legal matters, medical documentation of your sustained injuries and expenses are vital for your case. The documentation proves your injuries were sustained from the accident and allow you to recover damages from the insurance company or the responsible party. Waiting to seek medical attention for your injuries can hurt your case by not providing enough evidence that your injuries resulted from the auto accident.

Symptoms of an auto accident

As symptoms of an auto injury are notorious for not presenting themselves until weeks later, it is important to seek medical care before these injuries rear their painful heads. Some symptoms of an auto accident include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Upper Body and Shoulder Pain – As a result of being propelled into the dashboard, steering wheel, or the side of your car, injury sustained to the upper back and shoulders is common. You may notice muscle spasms, a decrease in range of motion, muscle weakness or pain when you move or lift your arm.
  2. Neck Pain and Stiffness – Noticing your neck’s stiffness and immobility can commonly conclude you are suffering from whiplash. Associated with rear-end accidents the impact can leave you with dizziness, headaches, and long-term chronic pain.
  3. Spinal Discomfort – Chances are if you suffered a neck injury from an auto accident, you have damage done to your spinal cord. Spinal damage can result in misalignment, stiffness, immobility, numbness, and severe nerve damage.
  4. Chest Bruising and Soreness – Chest pain is commonly due to the devices that save your life during an auto accident. Seat belts and airbags are in place to protect you from the impact. But, they can leave you with bruising and soreness.
  5. Knee/Leg Pain – In specific situations, an auto accident can risk torn ligaments in the legs, fractured kneecaps or joints, and damaged muscle tissue.

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms from an auto accident, seeking an auto injury chiropractor can help repair the damage, correct your body’s alignment, and help you recover as fast as possible.

How soon should you see a chiropractor?

Back adjustmentGet in to see an auto injury chiropractor right away. The sooner you begin chiropractic care, the sooner you are on the road to recovery. If you wait to receive treatment, your injuries risk getting worse and will take longer to heal. You want your injuries to heal correctly and in a timely matter. Delaying will prevent your injuries from healing correctly, if at all.

It is best to see a chiropractor within three days of your accident. This way, they can examine and understand your symptoms. Additionally, they can then devise an effective plan of action to relieve persistent pain. Furthermore, they will minimize ongoing issues such as inflammation, and promote healing.

A chiropractor can evaluate your neck and spine for misalignments, soft tissue injuries and legally document these injuries for your medical records. Chiropractic care can greatly improve your recovery with non-invasive treatments and without pharmaceutical prescriptions.

How long should you seek chiropractic care?

Depending on the severity and type of musculoskeletal injuries you have, it will determine the treatment plan and length of time to heal the injuries. The injuries that require chiropractic care will entail frequent visits in the beginning. The more severe the injuries are, the more visits to the chiropractor are necessary to give you the best care possible.

The period of care varies depending on the severity and number of injuries the chiropractor is tending to. Every case is different and varying needs will require specific treatments. Your auto injury chiropractor should give you a time frame of how long your body will need to heal. The frequency of your visits will also depend on your level of pain and how you feel.

The visits will wane once your body is responding to the adjustments and alignments. The goal of chiropractic care is to relieve your pain and help repair the damage done by the auto accident. Once you reach the full point of recovery your visits will be reduced to as needed. If your injuries heal, a trip to the chiropractor once or twice per year is beneficial for regular adjustments.

Benefits of seeing a chiropractor after an auto injury

Neck injury Neck injury A chiropractor can be a lifesaver after sustaining injuries from an auto accident. Auto accidents can be traumatizing to your body and drastically alter your life. Thankfully, seeking chiropractic care after an auto injury has numerous advantages over surgery and prescription medication.

Non-invasive treatments involve manipulation of the body to restore mobility to your muscles and relieve pain. As an alternative to surgery, chiropractic adjustments realign your spine and joints. With that being said, alignments significantly reduce your pain and promote healing.

Most prescription pain killers mask the underlying cause of pain from an auto injury. When you aren’t sure why something hurts, a chiropractor can usually identify the pain point and reduce or relieve the pain. Manipulation of the spine releases a pain-relieving hormone and can reduce the pain in your entire body.

Ignoring the injuries from your auto accident is consequential to your recovery. Without an auto injury chiropractor, your injuries can turn into long-term pain and your body won’t heal properly. So, it is best to deal with your auto injuries early on to prevent future chronic pain and further issues.

Find the right auto injury chiropractor for you

With prompt, adequate chiropractic care after an auto accident, you can reduce your chance of long-term injuries with safe and non-invasive treatments. The purpose of chiropractic care is to reduce pain, increase mobility and help your body heal from traumatic auto injuries.

It is essential to find an auto injury chiropractor that pays careful attention to your specific medical needs. If you suffered injuries in an auto accident and need a chiropractor in Pensacola FL, please reach out and receive treatment from our highly experienced staff.

How Long is Treatment From a Personal Injury Chiropractor?

After sustaining an injury, you may seek the help of a chiropractor. Chiropractic care can lead to faster healing time than other traditional medical routes. But, depending on the state of your injury, it may still take a considerable amount of time before you take on certain physical activities again. In today’s day and age, we have a habit of not wanting to wait for anything. So, when patients hear how long personal injury chiropractor treatment takes to achieve healing, they can sometimes be discouraged. While you will not always get instant, long-term relief from back pain, by seeing a chiropractor, you want to make sure you get fast treatment that works for your schedule.

Consider the Process

During your first trip to the chiropractor, history and information of your condition will be gathered by your chiropractor so he or she can assess the severity of your injury. Your chiropractor must know where your pain is located and how long you have been dealing with this pain, so they can come up with a healing plan. Your personal injury chiropractor will treat your pain, but they also want to address the main issue that is causing the pain.

When learning the length of time you must see a personal injury chiropractor, you must consider the entire process of treatment. For example, if you have a spinal disc injury, you know that recovery will not be overnight. It generally takes three months to heal any disc injuries through chiropractic care, before you can resume your normal daily activities like sitting, bending, lifting and twisting. You should treat your back pain like a broken arm or leg. These body parts will stop hurting after being in a cast for a few days, but the cast must still be worn many weeks afterward to enable healing. After receiving initial chiropractic treatment for your back, remember that you are still healing, even if you don’t feel any pain. This healing can take a while, but with a professional chiropractor, healing will be efficient.

Lower back personal injury and chiropractor

The Expected Recovery Time With Chiropractic Care

Some chiropractors will implement protocols, similar to that of the “50% Rule,” when treating spinal injuries. The goal within the first 30 days of care is for you to experience 50% relief of pain. Radicular pain, such as pain down a leg or arm, may take longer than spinal pain. Many people report 50% less pain within a day or two, but some do take two or three weeks of regular appointments. For every time that you demonstrate 50% relief of pain, your chiropractic treatment sessions will be cut in half. If you were seeing a chiropractor daily, for instance, you would then be seen once every two days.

If 50% relief of pain isn’t reported within 30 days of care, your chiropractor will suggest more testing or consultations. Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression protocols follow the motto “Control, Not Cure” during spinal pain treatment. So, if you have a slipped disc, it can cause bruising to your spine area. For example, with your treatment plan, you may have to learn how to perform proper lifting, bending and twisting techniques to control your back pain. You may also need to do some light exercise, to help control spinal pain. Also, you might need to focus more on thinking before acting, to help control pain in the neck and lower back.

What the Clinical Data Says

Cox Technic protocols are published standards implemented by many chiropractic practices. 30 chiropractic clinics covered 1,000 lower back pain cases, and according to this collection of clinical data, 293 different variables were collected from and/or about each patient regarding the patient and their symptoms. This case study revealed the number of days to maximum improvement, which is 100% relief of pain. According to the study, three months of care, can help people return to their pre-injury state. The mean number of days was 29 and the number of visits was 12.

However, not all conditions require the same number of days and visits. The severity of the symptoms of an injury will lead to varying results. Examples of this include an L5 disc herniation and a lumbar sprain. After receiving chiropractic treatment, 86% of patients maximally improved in less than three months. 64% of these patients required fewer than 20 visits to the chiropractor, and 70% required fewer than 30 visits. 91% of lumbar sprain patients maximally improved in less than three months. 71% of these patients required fewer than 20 visits, and 91% required fewer than 30 visits.

Back Treatment

Core Personal Injury Chiropractor Treatment

Depending on what kind of pain you suffer from, core chiropractic care can help you feel noticeably better after you get treatment. One general indicator of improvement occurs within one to four weeks from starting personal injury chiropractic treatment. However, this is for simple musculoskeletal conditions. The core chiropractic treatment typically involves manual therapy that targets the lower back.

Mobilization, manual manipulation and spinal manipulation are all methods chiropractors use in their treatment sessions. Mobilization is low-velocity manipulation, stretching and movement of both muscles and joints. The goal of mobilization is to increase motion in these areas in the shortest amount of time possible.

Manual and spinal manipulation are both high-velocity types of manipulation, which include short lever arm thrusts applied to abnormal vertebra. This helps to improve functionality, reduce irritation and restoring motion. It takes one to four weeks to regain functionality after receiving high-velocity chiropractic treatment.

Personal Injury Chiropractor Treatment Depends on the Injury

Personal injuries vary between body parts. When seeing a personal injury chiropractor, the location of your injury makes a difference. For example, bone injuries can heal the quickest within five to six weeks. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the average healing time from bone injuries is six to eight weeks. Ligament and tendon injuries also take an average of six to eight weeks to heal. Any damage to discs, as well as cartilage, takes at least three months to heal.

Chiropractic Program Plans

Chiropractors have the responsibility of doing all they can to reduce pain and restore functionality as quickly as possible for their patients. To have the most successful outcome possible, patients should make sure to attend all sessions of their chiropractic program plan. A chiropractic plan generally includes stretches and other types of exercises along with ergonomic tools like pillows, belts and back supports. Not attending all sessions can lead to an increase in the amount of time needed for proper recovery.

There are many factors that will determine how quickly you respond to treatment. Your age, fitness level, and how long you have had the pain are all factors that impact your response to treatment. Younger patients in their 20s and 30s respond quicker to treatment than older patients. The older you are, the more time you will need to respond positively to treatment.

Chiropractic care

You Decide On Your Treatment

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide what type of treatment you want. You know your body’s strengths and weaknesses. You decide on how much exercise you want to have during the course of a treatment plan. Exercise helps your body heal. You don’t need to have an intense exercise program in place. Just getting out every day for 30-minute walks will make a difference. Especially if you have been dealing with a particular kind of pain that prevents you from performing a favorite exercise of yours, it is ideal to seek chiropractic treatment right away. If you know the pain in your body is worsening, delaying a visit to a chiropractor won’t do you any favors.

Visit a Personal Injury Chiropractor

If you need help from a personal injury chiropractor, contact us! Dr. Derek Finger, our personal injury chiropractor in Pensacola, can help you achieve healing. Our team would love to help you get freedom from your back pain quickly. To see how long treatment will take, our licensed chiropractor can give you an estimate depending on your injuries.

Common Auto Injuries to Speak With A Chiropractor About

Car accidents are inevitable, and for someone who is injured and doesn’t know what to do when injuries are the end result, it is best to contact a chiropractor. One of the best ways to deal with auto injuries is chiropractic care. A chiropractor can address immediate issues of pain and discomfort that come from auto injuries. Here are some of the common auto injuries to speak with a chiropractor about.

Brain Injuries

There is a chance you may have sustained some form of brain injury following a car accident, whether mild or severe. Many people believe that someone who suffers a concussion will lose consciousness. This does not always occur, and signs of a brain injury are not always easy to identify. While you can recover from mild brain injuries within a few weeks, brain trauma that goes untreated can lead to many more serious problems,. These can include insomnia, depression, memory loss, and sudden mood swings. According to an analysis of five European countries, 44% of traumatic brain injuries were related to road traffic accidents.

A chiropractor can discuss brain injuries with you and can refer you to a specialist if needed. So, be sure to bring up a brain issue if you believe you have one.


One of the most common auto injuries a chiropractor will treat is whiplash. Whiplash occurs when the sudden impact of an accident forces the head to move in an unnatural motion. This can tear muscles in the upper back and neck. It may also cause dislocations of the spine or herniated discs. Tendons and ligaments in the neck can also be affected, as injuries like neck strain, stiffness and tightness can be the end result of a car accident.Auto injuries

Whiplash that is left untreated can be devastating as you may experience complications like headaches and chronic neck pain. One scientific study also suggests there is a link between pain and anxiety, and the outcome of a whiplash injury. You are most likely to experience whiplash if you are in a rear-end accident. This kind of accident propels the head and neck forward while the body remains still, then causing the head and neck to suddenly stop. It can take multiple hours or days to notice symptoms of whiplash, such as pain, dizziness, fatigue or blurred vision.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

It is very common to have neck and shoulder pain after a car accident. Movement in this area of your body can become debilitating. In particular, shoulder injuries often occur when your body is propelled into a hard object nearby, such as the dashboard or the side of your vehicle. Examples of shoulder injuries that come from car accidents include a rotator cuff tear, tendinitis in the rotator cuff, a dislocated shoulder, and a Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior tear (SLAP).

A group of muscles that surrounds the shoulder joint is the rotator cuff. Following a car accident, the shoulder area can experience a deep dull ache, and pain and stiffness when trying to lift your arms over your head. When the ball and socket in an arm become dislocated from each other, the shoulder becomes dislocated. Muscle spasms, weakness, numbness or tingling feelings result from a dislocated shoulder. A SLAP tear is where there is a tear in the bicep tendon connecting to the cartilage at the end of the arm. This is often linked to instability, decreased range of motion, pain while lifting or moving, or popping sounds in the area.

Your chiropractor can help with both shoulder and neck pain. They know the body’s structure and the way bones and ligaments should sit. A chiropractor can treat this pain through adjustments as well as diagnose the misalignments.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Neck Pain Neck injuries can also lead to damages in the spinal cord if any vertebral bones were disrupted as a result of an accident. The spinal cord consists of many sensitive nerves. And, injuries to this area of the body can cause the victim to experience partial or permanent paralysis or even death in certain situations. 232 spinal cord injuries were reviewed in Québec, Canada, and researchers assessed links between these auto injuries to neurological impairment. Researchers found that most spinal cord injuries were from cars and vehicles without restraint systems at a combined rate of 47.5%.

Whether it is a basic misalignment or a severe form of paralysis, spinal cord injuries can ruin a person’s health and lifestyle. After getting medical treatment at the scene of the accident, it is recommended to have a comprehensive exam. This is to determine how much damage has been caused to the spinal cord. While surgery is always an option, it is often a painful and invasive experience. Surgeries often take months to recover from. A chiropractor can often treat spinal cord injuries more easily and quickly, as this is a common service provided.

Chest Injuries and Pains

There are a variety of reasons why pains and injuries occur in the chest area. A sign of chest impact is general bruising. Experiencing chest pain from seat belts and airbags often occur from accidents. While designed to prevent life-threatening auto injuries, these safety devices can cause pain. Additionally, they can cause soreness and bruising in the chest area after they are deployed.

In the United Kingdom, real-world crash injury data was examined, with the focus being on cars that had current restraint components. Airbags, pretensioners (seatbelts that lock), and load limiters were part of this test. Results showed the most common injury on the body is the chest. Additionally, the most frequent type of chest injury is a skeletal injury.

Another clear sign of a chest injury following an accident is when you have trouble breathing. It is likely you may have damaged your lungs or heart, or particular blood vessels may have ruptured. Your lungs or trachea may suffer injury when the impact hits the front of your chest. This can cause damage to your liver or spleen. A chiropractor can ensure your chest and spine are in alignment, so your organs can effectively heal.Auto injury chiropractor

Knee Injuries

Depending on the specific situation, accidents can heavily impact the knees and other lower body parts. Knees can strike against the dashboard, seats, or other objects inside the car. Ligaments can be torn, kneecaps can be fractured, and other serious injuries can affect the knees. When this happens, treatment and physical therapy become necessary.

In a German study, only 2% of vulnerable drivers suffered serious ligament damage or bony injuries to their knees. According to this study, motorcyclists encountered the highest risk for knee injuries. Knee ligaments, joints, muscles and bones can heal properly with the help of a chiropractor. Patients can regain some function in the knee area and return to their previous state of health once they undergo physical therapy.


After sustaining one or a combination of these auto injuries, it is important to seek immediate medical attention. This includes the help of a professional chiropractor. If you seek to recover from an injury as quickly as possible, the best option is to set up an appointment with a chiropractor. Then, determine what type of treatment plan is best for you.

At Dr. Derek Finger Chiropractic, we believe patients should receive optimal treatment to recover from their injuries. We promise that you will be on the road to recovery with the help of our professional services at our Pensacola chiropractic office.

How to Choose a Car Accident Chiropractor

A car accident is one of the last things we would wish to experience in our lives, but what if one day you actually go through such an event? As well as mental and emotional suffering, the amount of physical suffering you experience from a car accident can have a lasting impact. So, what would be a way for you to get on the road to recovery? One of the first things to do is to see a chiropractor who specializes in treating car accident patients. In this blog post, we are going to cover how you can choose the right car accident chiropractor.

1) Transparent Chiropractors

Whoever you choose to be your car accident chiropractor must be genuine and honest about every detail. Professional chiropractic practices are run with transparency, and the practitioners must be able to discuss costs and how treatment will be done without passing off responsibilities to another staff member. You should feel confident in your chiropractor and their staff, never second guessing if they’re being honest or not.

2) Chiropractor Who Can Solve Issues

Auto injury chiropractor

Every chiropractor has their own set of credentials that fit the needs of car accident patients, depending on what their specific physical condition is. Proper research must be done to find a chiropractor who can treat your specific needs. For example, if your spine goes out of alignment after a car accident, it would be best not to go see a chiropractor who only specializes in treating separated shoulders. Make sure a chiropractor has the appropriate license along with a sufficient amount of professional training to treat whatever physical condition you have.

3) Chiropractors Who Have Experience

Doing research on the credentials of a car accident chiropractor is only half the battle. You should also know how much experience a chiropractor has in treating specific physical conditions. If you were to conduct searches on websites like LinkedIn or WebMD, for instance, you will most likely find out how much time a chiropractor has spent treating conditions, whether it be a leg with stress fractures, or severe bruises on an elbow. On their profiles, the types of conditions treated will be listed. As will their colleges, medical schools, and training hospitals chiropractors attended to obtain their expertise.

4) Consider the Treatment Plans

Not all treatment plans at a chiropractic facility are the same. Depending on how severe your physical condition is following a car accident, consider what types of treatment plans are available. This usually happens when you have a conversation with a chiropractor. Diagnostic testing for all conditions should be up to date and current. This is very important to remember when you choose a car accident chiropractor. A misconception about treatment plans is that people automatically think surgery is guaranteed. Not all injuries caused by car accidents lead to surgery.

Most chiropractors should have treatment plans in place that can be adjusted by the request of the patient. Chiropractors will offer you the option of non-invasive treatments which will realign your spinal cord or any damaged ligaments and joints. Other treatments offered include procedures that reduce inflammation in your body. Any chiropractor who doesn’t offer such treatment plans should be put into question.

5) Free Consultations

While this will not make or break your position with a chiropractor, it is always good to know if you can schedule a free consultation. Most chiropractors will offer free consultations out of consideration for the patient. At no cost, you will have the opportunity to evaluate a chiropractor to determine if you have found the right one. It is one thing to exchange emails and messages with a chiropractor, but meeting that person face to face can make a big difference. You will get to know more about how a car accident chiropractor operates and how a clinic functions with a free consultation.

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6) “How Much Will It Cost?”

One of the most important questions to ask a chiropractor during the course of a free consultation would be to ask how much the treatment will cost. Before you agree to any treatment plan, you should know much you will need to spend to get the care you need. Agreeing to treatment can depend on what kind of health insurance you have, if you have any insurance. Chiropractors should be able to inform you of what is covered in their treatment plans through health insurance and what isn’t. It is also worth keeping in close contact with your attorney. This way, you can make sure your chiropractor can work with that attorney on a lien basis. This is so that you won’t be held responsible for paying any bills.

7) Get a Second Opinion

Here is a truth that people overlook when choosing the right car accident chiropractor. Not all doctors have been taught the same way. Not all chiropractors have been the same kind of information when they evaluate injuries, especially those caused by car accidents. Sometimes your second option for a chiropractor may be the best option if the first chiropractor you see doesn’t make you feel comfortable. Always review your current treatment plan to see if you have enough help for your condition. If you need to change your treatment plan and your current chiropractor isn’t offering any alternative solutions, schedule a second opinion.


It is wise to plan ahead of time when getting the kind of treatment that is right for your needs. How to choose a car accident chiropractor depends on many factors. You need to find the right chiropractor for the situation you are in following the impact of your car accident. A chiropractor who is honest about what he or she can provide from the start is a good indicator. They should also work with you on your treatment plans so you get the best treatment possible.

At Dr. Derek Finger Chiropractic, we believe in doing everything we can to help our patients heal from their injuries. Our team believes in honesty and believes in serving our patients. So, you can trust you will get fantastic services at our chiropractic clinic in Pensacola.

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