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How to Choose a Car Accident Chiropractor

A car accident is one of the last things we would wish to experience in our lives, but what if one day you actually go through such an event? As well as mental and emotional suffering, the amount of physical suffering you experience from a car accident can have a lasting impact. So, what would be a way for you to get on the road to recovery? One of the first things to do is to see a chiropractor who specializes in treating car accident patients. In this blog post, we are going to cover how you can choose the right car accident chiropractor.

1) Transparent Chiropractors

Whoever you choose to be your car accident chiropractor must be genuine and honest about every detail. Professional chiropractic practices are run with transparency, and the practitioners must be able to discuss costs and how treatment will be done without passing off responsibilities to another staff member. You should feel confident in your chiropractor and their staff, never second guessing if they’re being honest or not.

2) Chiropractor Who Can Solve Issues

Auto injury chiropractor

Every chiropractor has their own set of credentials that fit the needs of car accident patients, depending on what their specific physical condition is. Proper research must be done to find a chiropractor who can treat your specific needs. For example, if your spine goes out of alignment after a car accident, it would be best not to go see a chiropractor who only specializes in treating separated shoulders. Make sure a chiropractor has the appropriate license along with a sufficient amount of professional training to treat whatever physical condition you have.

3) Chiropractors Who Have Experience

Doing research on the credentials of a car accident chiropractor is only half the battle. You should also know how much experience a chiropractor has in treating specific physical conditions. If you were to conduct searches on websites like LinkedIn or WebMD, for instance, you will most likely find out how much time a chiropractor has spent treating conditions, whether it be a leg with stress fractures, or severe bruises on an elbow. On their profiles, the types of conditions treated will be listed. As will their colleges, medical schools, and training hospitals chiropractors attended to obtain their expertise.

4) Consider the Treatment Plans

Not all treatment plans at a chiropractic facility are the same. Depending on how severe your physical condition is following a car accident, consider what types of treatment plans are available. This usually happens when you have a conversation with a chiropractor. Diagnostic testing for all conditions should be up to date and current. This is very important to remember when you choose a car accident chiropractor. A misconception about treatment plans is that people automatically think surgery is guaranteed. Not all injuries caused by car accidents lead to surgery.

Most chiropractors should have treatment plans in place that can be adjusted by the request of the patient. Chiropractors will offer you the option of non-invasive treatments which will realign your spinal cord or any damaged ligaments and joints. Other treatments offered include procedures that reduce inflammation in your body. Any chiropractor who doesn’t offer such treatment plans should be put into question.

5) Free Consultations

While this will not make or break your position with a chiropractor, it is always good to know if you can schedule a free consultation. Most chiropractors will offer free consultations out of consideration for the patient. At no cost, you will have the opportunity to evaluate a chiropractor to determine if you have found the right one. It is one thing to exchange emails and messages with a chiropractor, but meeting that person face to face can make a big difference. You will get to know more about how a car accident chiropractor operates and how a clinic functions with a free consultation.

Auto injury chiropractor

6) “How Much Will It Cost?”

One of the most important questions to ask a chiropractor during the course of a free consultation would be to ask how much the treatment will cost. Before you agree to any treatment plan, you should know much you will need to spend to get the care you need. Agreeing to treatment can depend on what kind of health insurance you have, if you have any insurance. Chiropractors should be able to inform you of what is covered in their treatment plans through health insurance and what isn’t. It is also worth keeping in close contact with your attorney. This way, you can make sure your chiropractor can work with that attorney on a lien basis. This is so that you won’t be held responsible for paying any bills.

7) Get a Second Opinion

Here is a truth that people overlook when choosing the right car accident chiropractor. Not all doctors have been taught the same way. Not all chiropractors have been the same kind of information when they evaluate injuries, especially those caused by car accidents. Sometimes your second option for a chiropractor may be the best option if the first chiropractor you see doesn’t make you feel comfortable. Always review your current treatment plan to see if you have enough help for your condition. If you need to change your treatment plan and your current chiropractor isn’t offering any alternative solutions, schedule a second opinion.


It is wise to plan ahead of time when getting the kind of treatment that is right for your needs. How to choose a car accident chiropractor depends on many factors. You need to find the right chiropractor for the situation you are in following the impact of your car accident. A chiropractor who is honest about what he or she can provide from the start is a good indicator. They should also work with you on your treatment plans so you get the best treatment possible.

At Dr. Derek Finger Chiropractic, we believe in doing everything we can to help our patients heal from their injuries. Our team believes in honesty and believes in serving our patients. So, you can trust you will get fantastic services at our chiropractic clinic in Pensacola.

How Important is Personal Injury Chiropractic Treatment for Insurance Cases?

If you were a victim in an accident and sustained an injury to your back or spine, you should seek chiropractic treatment immediately. Even if you suspect you may not have sustained injuries, seek treatment now. Having a reputable practitioner treat your injuries can help you settle your injury insurance claims quickly and favorably. With that being said, seeking personal injury chiropractic treatment can help you heal, as well as help with insurance.

Chiropractic treatment can be a vital tool in supporting your personal injury insurance claim by:

  • Verifying new or worsened pre-existing injuries
  • Increasing the value of your settlement
  • Working with your insurance settlement adjuster

But not any sort of chiropractic treatment will work. Before you begin treatment, gather the information you need from your insurance provider and chiropractor. Knowing what you need will empower you to build a strong settlement case that will reward you with the compensation. Therefore, it will help you get the compensation you need to renew your quality of life and recover.

Preparing Your Case: What You Need to Do Before Going to the Chiropractor

If you are wanting compensation for treatment, don’t go to the chiropractor just yet! To receive the compensation you deserve, take the following steps before you sign anything from the at-fault party. You can pair these steps with the chiropractic treatment you receive later on as evidence for your insurance adjuster.

  • Know the limits of your insurance coverage. Do not accept treatment that is ineligible for coverage until a doctor deems it necessary. You should confirm in writing any coverage you have pertaining to chiropractic treatment as you need to prove everything to an insurance company.
  • See your doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor will help determine if out-of-coverage treatment is necessary. Get a physical exam and collect any documentation about pre-existing injuries that may have worsened from the injury.
  • Get your doctor’s referral. Not all insurance companies regard chiropractic medicine with the same professional respect as Medical Doctors. Having a doctor’s referral to a chiropractor will add authority and urgency to your injury claim. Ask for a referral to a chiropractor if your doctor does not suggest it at first.
  • Calculate your starting and projected losses. Add your incurred losses from property damage with your projected costs for missing work and medical treatment.
  • Work within your state’s Statute of Limitations. Being proactive will strengthen your case by demonstrating the severity of your damages and your urgency to remedy them. So, contact your insurance, doctor, and chiropractor as soon as possible, even if your injuries are not felt or seen right away. Remember, accident-related injuries can sometimes manifest months or years after an accident.

Documenting Your Injuries For a SettlementPersonal injury chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic treatment can reinforce your settlement case with comprehensive documentation of your conditions. A diligent chiropractor can help prove the verity of your injuries with:

  • Medical assessments. A chiropractor’s reports of the location and severity of your injuries prove your injuries resulted from the accident. Such notation includes photos, diagrams, and x-rays.
  • Treatment records. To show your injury is real and ongoing, a chiropractor can document the actions taken to ease your pain and suffering. Additionally, appointment follow-up notes can serve as a benchmark for your recovery timeline.
  • Billing records. To show your treatments were necessary and reasonable, a reputable chiropractor can provide treatment documents with clear and accurate descriptions, dates, billing codes, and charges.

You can also prove the at-fault party’s liability by pairing your chiropractor’s reports with documentation from your primary care doctor. Some examples of proving new or worsened injuries include:

  • The need to manage pain with over-the-counter drugs or prescription medicine.
  • The need for specialist intervention, especially when previous physicals documented your healthy state.

Adding Value to Your Case: How Chiropractic Treatment Increases Compensation in a Personal Injury Insurance Claim

Chiropractic treatment can add compensatory value to your case by verifying the financial losses incurred to treat your injuries. You may file for compensation for the following costs:

  • Loss of income from an inability to work. The assessments you receive from your chiropractor can verify that you cannot perform some or all of your work-related activities. Some personal injuries can be this severe depending on your work activities.
  • Loss of personal enjoyment from hobbies, etc. from pain and suffering. The assessment you receive from your chiropractor can showcase your estimated recovery time. This may limit your ability to do things you enjoy. So, these documents can restrict activities to ensure the safest and fastest recovery possible.
  • Loss of property value due to damage from the accident. You can use the initial medical reports to support your claims. Contrary to popular belief, damaged property that was in your vicinity at the time of the accident can also receive compensation. These reports must detail the location and severity of your injuries.
  • Ongoing treatment bills for recovery and pain management. You can increase your level of compensation based on your projected recovery time. Additionally, you can increase compensation based on your treatment plan. So, keep a paper trail of your treatment and appointment summaries, as well as your bills.

Personal injury chiropractorReducing the Duration of Your Case: How Chiropractic Treatment Reduces Stress in Your Personal Injury Claim

One of the biggest hurdles in filing a personal injury claim is working with an insurance claim adjuster. Although you and your chiropractor may know the full extent of your injuries, your insurance adjuster does not. Additionally, they may not have the time to review your case as thoroughly as you would like them to. Last but not least, it can take even more time to review if the information is disorganized.

An organized chiropractic firm reduces some of the stress from filing a personal injury claim by working with your insurance provider and insurance claim adjuster. So, talk to your chiropractor about:

  • Billing your insurance provider directly.
  • Recording your bills with detailed treatment notes.
  • Sending your bills to your insurance adjuster directly.

You Can Use Chiropractic Medicine to Your Advantage

If you are worried about an injury from an accident, rest assured knowing chiropractic treatment will aid your insurance claim. This article has prepared you to build a smooth settlement case by:

  • Knowing the limits of your insurance coverage.
  • Getting a physical and referral from your doctor.
  • Getting an exam and detailed treatment logs for your chiropractor.
  • Gathering your injury assessment, treatment, and bill documents.

After an accident, your main priority should be your health, and not your settlement claim. Chiropractic treatment can help you negotiate a reasonable settlement with your insurance adjuster. So, be sure you contact a personal injury chiropractor to help with your treatment and insurance.

What is a Personal Injury Specialist and What Do They Do?

In the personal injury world, there are two personal injury specialists you can call on. You can work with a personal injury specialist in the law sector, or you can work with a personal injury specialist in the medical sector. Both of these specialists can help you with the legal case you may be a part of after being a victim of an injury. In this blog post, we are going to discuss chiropractors and lawyers who help people with personal injuries.

What is the Role of a Personal Injury Specialist in Legal Terms?

Personal injury specialists are lawyers or litigators that attend mainly to cases dealing with personal injuries. A personal injury specialist lawyer has to know what is going on with their clients. They have to talk to the client and assess the situation. The aim of talking to them is so that they can build up a solid case to help the client. The major role of a personal injury specialist is to help clients or people in which they have taken up their case to get the justice they deserve by obtaining the rightful compensation for the losses incurred. This is done by guiding the client, legal exhortation, and oral contentions. Cases dealing with personal injury often head to trial when the two parties that are involved fail to reach an agreement that would benefit both of them.

Personal Injuries in the Law Sector

Your personal injury lawyer is always going to be there for you to help you gain your compensation. You can be confident that litigators like this have what it takes to get you to where you want. Personal Injury specialists always know the right things to ask and what is needed to build a strong case for you to get that compensation that you deserve. Do you want to get compensation for your loss due to injuries? Then, personal Injury specialists are at your service all the time. You just have to look for one close to you and build a case with him.Personal injury specialist lawyer

Personal injury lawyers often practice in a specific area of law known as “tort law”. Tort law deals with issues resulting from harm or losses suffered by one party and which normally results in legal liability for the person who commits that particular wrongful act. Tort law deals with cases regarding work injuries, flawed products, accidents on the road, etc.

What is a Personal Injury Chiropractor?

As you can conclude from the name, a personal injury can result in significant pain. By injuries, we are not just referring to just physical injuries. The injuries here include both physical and physiological injuries. Physiological injuries include post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder, and often depression. A chiropractor can help you with all of these things. However, they primarily help patients with physical pain. But, many also have experience helping patients with calming down their minds in the midst of dealing with pain. They are also highly educated on the human body, so they can inform you of why you are feeling the way you do.

What is the Role of a Personal Injury Specialist in Chiropractic Terms?

There are different types of accidents handled by personal injury chiropractors. During treatment for any type of accident, they will help you align your body again. This may be adjusting your joints away from your nerves, providing instant relief. Or, it could be slowly adjusting your bones so they sit in a normal position again. For all of the following, the services of a chiropractor are essential.

Motor Accidents

Around the world today, car accidents are very common and cause a lot of damage. Claiming compensation for those damages are often hard and stressful. In situations like this, people often need the help of a personal injury chiropractor to help them prove their injury and receive compensation for those damages.

18-Wheeler Accident

Personal injury specialist chiropractorUnlike motor vehicles, 18-wheelers or large trucks are much bigger, so damages caused by them are fatal and can lead to death. When in an accident that involves trucks, going against the trucking company or even the insurance company is a difficult task. In cases like this, a personal injury chiropractor comes to the rescue and helps you out with your claims. Personal injury chiropractors are can help heal injuries like this and have a wealth of knowledge in helping you heal your injuries and prove them to a judge.

Medical Negligence

This is the term used when a health care specialist or a doctor causes injury to a patient that he or she is responsible for due to negligent acts. Medical negligence can come in the form of errors in treatment, diagnosis, etc. In cases like this, a personal injury chiropractor is helpful to heal the injury in a non-invasive treatment method.

Workplace Injuries

When working, people can get injured. This happens more often than not. Bringing in a personal health care specialist can help that particular worker to be able to sue this company and claim damages.

Reasons for Using a Personal Injury Chiropractor:

  • They are dedicated doctors with a lot of experience with personal injuries of all forms. When you are in any form of accident and you want to reduce the pain you are currently feeling, a chiropractor can help. You need to call a personal injury chiropractor to handle such issues.
  • Personal injury chiropractors are always in support of your claim as long as they can feel your misalignment and you seek their treatment. As doctors, they have the ability to diagnose your injury and prove it to a judge as an expert. They want to get you your life back as it was, and not the other way around. One thing about them is that they are focused on your needs and will always be on your side. They don’t just make you feel better, they make sure that you get help from insurance as well. They help make sure you get a financial settlement covering the injury incurred.

In conclusion, when dealing with injuries and you feel that you deserve compensation for the pains caused, a personal injury chiropractor can help you feel better. On the other hand, a personal injury lawyer can assist you as well. When you are dealing with an injury due to someone else’s fault, don’t hesitate to hire a personal injury specialist from the legal or medical industries. They will help you get the compensation you need so you can feel better in no time. If you need a personal injury chiropractor in the Pensacola area, let us know! We would be happy to assist you.

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